It’s sad that the air is the only
thing we share.
No matter how close we get to each other,
there is always air between us.

It’s also nice that we share the air.
No matter how far apart we are,
the air links us.
-Yoko Ono

Drawing from the poem “Air Talk” by Yoko Ono (which later became a song on her Approximately Infinite Universe album in 1973), this performance connects participants in various cities around the world in a real-time experience of global community.  Brea(d)th uses webcams positioned at the sky from these different locations, with each member reciting a dissected part of the poem, causing the fragments of speech to converge, disengage, and layer when broadcasted together.

Brea(d)th was performed on July 17th & 18th, 2009 at Performance Works Northwest in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Any documentation from this live event would be greatly appreciated.   If you have any photographs or recordings, please email

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