Sound Lockets

A ribbon of sounds contained in a necklace made from cassette tape, steel, and silk. Each pendant holds a song on a tightly wound cassette tape that was made especially for this project by soundmakers from around the world. The hand-dyed silk cord is adjustable in length and is color specific to each song. The unisex necklace comes packaged in a soft pouch within a larger box that includes a CD of all 5 tracks created for this collaboration. The CD design is also a collective effort, with each musician contributing a ring of their own artwork. Listen to samples of each track to find your favorite, or collect them all.

Dash! How Do You Feel?
(Portland, Oregon, USA) is a musical project fronted by Jordan Dykstra. A classical string player for twenty years and a violist for ten, Dykstra has juxtaposed a familiar classical sound with new texture and color.  $45

Gömstellet Shard
(Stockholm, Sweden) is an ongoing project that began in 2008 between artists Karl-Tommy Dufva and Daniel Wiklund. Karl-Tommy and Daniel live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. Gömstellet is a slight misspelling of the Swedish word “gömstället” which is a secret place where you can hide your belongings, or yourself- a hiding place.  $45

Hexlove Marblin
(Portland, Oregon, USA) is Zac Nelson from southern Illinois. He has also been, or is currently involved, in the following projects: Prints, Who’s Your Favorite Son God, Chll Pll, Trawler Bycatch, and Chant Oh’s. His records are all over the place ranging from ambient to free chaos pop. There are albums out on Weird Forest, Porter, Temporary Residence, and Holy Mountain. He plays drums like the late 60’s. $45

oOmiaq Biju
(Bézaudun-les-Alpes, France) lives in the south of France in the mountains. He recorded the album taKe keEp gO with kids and Camille. They invented a language, playing with pebbles and neolithik keys. An oomiaq is a ship used by native tribes for conveying families and essential objects during the summer season. On the grass you turn the boat=it’s a hut. $45

Stag Hare Windsalt
(Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) is just a crystal dust dreamer playin some sounds, vibin’ it out. He plays various instruments, electric and acoustic.$45

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How Do You Feel? $45