Levitating Cactus Turntable

In 1977, NASA launched two Voyager spacecrafts. Affixed to each is a gold-plated record containing a collection of images and sounds that were chosen by a committee led by Carl Sagan, to represent life on Earth. Should any spacefaring being come in contact with the probe, the record will be presented as a gift. Or, more likely, it simply serves as a time capsule, illustrating to the people of Earth the varied cultures that existed.

The disk includes a recording of the vital signs of Ann Druyan, who speculated that intelligent life might be able to translate brainwave patterns into thoughts. The movements in her brain, heart, and muscles were charted during an hour long meditation. During this time she reflected on the history of Earth and the life it sustains, the history of ideas and human social organization, and ended with a personal statement of what it was like to fall in love.1

The levitating turntable hovers in the air as the cactus plays the sounds of one woman’s thoughts through a paper cone.

  1. Sagan, Carl (1997). Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium.

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