Hoodie Bags

You can hold your thoughts and your belongings when a hood is a bag and a bag is a hood! Wear it on your head or zip it up and carry your treasures inside. Braid, wrap, twist, fringe, knot, or bow the four long straps, which function as handles or a scarf, to create a multitude of variations. Reverse it. Drape the oversized hood around your shoulders. Pull the drawstrings and feel the magic of its size spectrum. This convertible and multi-purpose wearable is manufactured in Oregon, USA by the Portland Garment Factory. Made in limited editions, it is available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Chartreuse Satin/Taupe Wool $155

Royal Gray Velour/Moonlight Satin $140

Heavyweight (cozy & thick, like a sweatshirt)

Lamb*/Teal $98

*Extremely soft

Lightweight (feels like a very soft, doubled t-shirt)
Lemon/Gray $86 – SOLD OUT

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