Observatory:  Powder coated steel, fiberglass, optics, hardware, plastic

Core Memory (8 bytes):  Tumbled magnetite stones, copper, adhesive, plastic, metal alloys

Eclipse (light-sensitive temporary photograph):  Hackmanite

Untitled (levitating sculpture):  Hematite, Canarian sand, garnets, rare earth magnet, levitating device, pedestal

Table of Elements (and Minerals) and their Holograms:  Hologram chambers, calcite, iron (filings, meteorite), bismuth, quartz, fluorite, copper, silicon, poplar, hardware

Radio Room:  Copper, pyrite, steel, paper, audio cable, amplifier

Study for simple computer (XOR, AND, NOR) with materials “key”:  Ink on paper with materials “key” (pyrite, graphite, copper)

Venus Flytrap Circuit:  Potted Venus Flytrap plant, copper, motors, kaleidoscopes, power supply, elastic, wood, hardware

Minnie the Moocher:  Performance with graphite, paper, electronics

Sounds in Six Cities:  Video installation with sound

Multi-armed Turntable:  Mixed electronics, vinyl records

Sound Vessels:  Gourds, speaker cones, vinyl tubing, audio (mp3 players)

Slop:  audio, speaker, cornstarch, water, acrylic

Open:  fluorescent rocks, non-fluorescent rocks, UV light, adhesive, flocked specimen tray

Compass:  magnetite, water, porcelain, acrylic, gold leaf

Brea(d)th:  live video performance with sound

Northeast Portland with William, February 18, 2018:  video with sound (auto-organ)